What is the Deadliest Disease in the World?

According to the World Health Organization the deadliest disease in the world are the following;


  • Ischemic Heart Disease 7.25 millions death
  • Cerebrovascular Disease 6.15 millions death
  • Lower Respiratory Infections 3.46 millions death
  • COPD-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 3.28 millions death

Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)- or Coronary Heart Disease – occurs when the heart’s blood supply is blocked due to fatty substances buildup and cholesterol in the coronary arteries embedding and narrowing the passages for  the blood flow and oxygen nutrients to the heart muscles. Lack of exercises; smoking, stress, diabetes and abdominal obesity are in higher risk for developing of IHD.

Cerebrovascular Disease – it is a ischemic stroke or mini-stroke and sometimes a hemorrhagic stroke. Hypertension (high blood pressure), smoking and diabetes contributed risk to this disease. If the arteries has been blocked or narrowed for supplying oxygen to the brain, it will cause decrease of cerebral perfusion.

Lower Resperatory Infections- (LRIs)– inclusive of pneumonia, tuberculosis, influenza, bronchitis, brochiolitis and others. Past studies by World Health Organization these infections were caused by solid air pollution, indoor smoke (firewood), indoor air pollution from solid fuel use.

COPD– often concurrent with chronic bronchitis or emphysema; considered as chronic lung disease which causes the lung airway to be inflame and thicken resulting for having shortness of breath. Lungs were affected due to tobacco inhalation, air pollution at home and in the workplace.

In these regards,  it is our mean responsibility to take great care to our body. Avoiding to the contributing factors that causes the leading deadliest disease if possible is advisable. Our life span and longevity depends on the lifestyle we indulge with.  Fulfilling into a healthy diet, active exercises and conducive environment can contribute to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Furtheremore, regular visits to your physician and regular routine schedule in taking your prescribed medication is advisable!

It is not too late to start a New Life habit! YOU CAN DO IT BECAUSE YOU CARE!


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