CHALLENGES FOR Beginner Bloggers

As a new aspirant blogger, starting a first thought process is very challenging. Your mind is unsure for the topic you will be discussing on. You start a topic then you changed your mind again. It is definitely understandable for we just started. We try to look back during our younger days when we were at school, we are asked to write an essay. Writing from the beginning was so hard. But the more we write the sharper our mind would become.

I have found tips on how to be an effective beginner blogger:

Gather your devices or equipment for writing or blogging purposes

Research for a point of interest for your readers

Decide on the topic or focus of your theme

Pick a Title

Create a story coherent to the topic

Choose a picture relevant to the area of interest you want it to be placed.

Make a conclusion and recommendation according to your research.

Congratulate yourself for a work done! Put into writing ASAP the thoughts you have in your mind. There is a 50/50 chances you could not remember it next time.

Never give up and keep on trying! Learning from our mistakes is acceptable but in a long run it would be beneficial. Think more on positivity in contrast to negativity .


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