Why Relaxation Techniques are important to our Body?

Why I love to indulged my time through relaxation techniques? Being so stressed out of many life factors practicing in relaxation techniques can attribute many health benefits;

    Slowing heart rate
    Lowering blood pressure
    Slowing your breathing rate
    Improving digestion
    Maintaining normal blood sugar levels
    Reducing activity of stress hormones
    Increasing blood flow to major muscles
    Reducing tension and chronic pain
    Improving concentration and mood
    Improving sleep quality
    Lowering fatigue
    Reducing anger and frustration
    Boosting confidence to handle problem

We can utilized different relaxation techniques which has been taught already in the medical field. We can learned various types of relaxation also according to your likes.

Types of Relaxation Techniques

  • Autogenic Relaxation- it utilizes both visual imaginary and body awareness to reduced stress. You simply use the peaceful environment you want to be in and engaged in a controlled, slow breathing and having your head to toes in a relaxing condition. It is suitable be done in a relax position.
  • Progressive muscle relaxation – it does involved the muscle groups of our body. Starting by tensing and relaxing the muscle groups. You could begin from your head<>toes with eyes close and holding it for 6 seconds and relaxed. Yourself will be able to become aware of your own environment.
  • Visualization – this type of relaxation techniques incorporates the peaceful environment accompanied by the senses such as smell, sound and touch. What I love most is this techniques secondary to I can create my own imaginary environment which I found relaxing for me. This can be executed with a comfortable clothing, quite environment and in a sitting position. It increases your focus and positive thought process.
  • You may also try other techniques too:

Deep Breathing – provide oxygen into our body and expelled carbon dioxide good for anxiety relief, slow heart rate and stabilizes our blood pressure

Massage- increase blood flow, relaxes muscle tension and decrease pain

Meditation- increase alertness, focus and relaxes the mind and body

Tai Chi – reduced pain and muscle tension, increases balance and energy

Yoga – flexibility of the body, balance and mind relaxation

It helps me to be able to recover from my injury. It is a self-healing process. Our body composed of many tissues and nerve endings, it can heal by itself accompanied with medication and our self-healing techniques. I never thought of my disabilities be my ground for being weak. I constantly aim for trials and if I stumbled I retracted for my failures and applied something new.

Having two special need children is not easy but I consider it as a blessing. I learned to adapt my emotions, increase my patience and provided a lot of affection to them. During the first week of being at home coming from the hospital has been challenging. Kids was excited that I am home and expected me to be able to performed activities I used to do. I was depressed due to self pity that I am vulnerable to pain, skin sensitivity, shortness of breath, poor tolerance and endurance. I had a very poor appetite even with my favorite foods and weight gain became impossible. Everyone were so concerned about my health for I became underweight and weak. I was sent back to ER due to I became weaker each day and unable to stand on my own without assistance from my loving husband, having shortness of breathe, nauseated and anxious.

I had been brought back to the hospital and admitted a second time due to my heart failure; open heart surgery has been performed ASAP. I cried and questions myself ” Why I been through a lot?” from my burn injury with other complications and then heart failure. But then I remained positive and keep my faith strong to God. I sing praises from my heart for the life spearheaded again to be with my family and to you all.

In conclusion, relaxation techniques made me alive, alert, active and relaxed again. If it works for me it might work for you too. But then if you are experiencing discomfort regarding in your health condition you better consult to your healthcare provider.

Reyna Loreto Holly

References; MayoClinic; Relaxation Techniques; NorthShore University Health System; Take It Easy: The Benefits of Relaxation

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