How my Life Changed

Each day we have a set plan on how our days should go. Time and activities has been organized based on each priority. It could be for yourself, family, friends and colleagues. But we must prioritize our God first by thanking Him for another new day that we able to breathe and enjoy. Never forget to show our affection to our love one, for every second  is very crucial.

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I remember my days prior to my injury, I spent time with my family and it was a very enjoyable moment. On July 24, 2017, we came home full of laughter in our hearts until that night we were doing house chores something happened. Boom! I found myself on the garage floor on fire, scared and was fighting for my life. In my mind “ I don’t want to die”. I was asking God’s help! Here I went and able to attempt to maneuver to get up four times and I succeeded.  I escaped through a busted garage door from the explosion of the dryer. My husband was in shocked!

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I asked for help from our great neighbors while my husband was assisting in taking Outside the home our 2 children and my mother in law. Fire bursted into seconds in our home and caused our home to be  totaled. Paramedics and firefighters came to our rescue and  air lifted me to Orlando Regional Medical Center. Prior to my journey to the hospital I said “ I love You” to my family and asked Gods forgiveness, for I am not sure if I will survive.

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I spent 8 months in hospital and rehabilitation for my recovery due to number of surgeries and complications I had been through. It was very rough and turned our family upside down from the devastation we encountered. I never thought in my life that it would happened to us. We lost our home and belongings but it never stop us from keeping our faith in God. We have been surrounded with love and supports from our family, friends, relatives and fellow coworkers. Miracles does exist as long as you are a true believer of it.

If somehow today you are depressed, giving-up and stressed for some reasons, please don’t stop from here. Ask yourself. Why I am doing it? Am I willing to go further for my values and my purpose?   If your answer is Yes to the second question, then be a positive vibes. Embraced thy Gods blessings!

Reyna Loreto Holly

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