Disability is not a Hindrance for Life’s Battles

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The way people looked at my appearance brought me courage to let the world know that we can be beautiful in many ways. Beauty cannot be measured on physiological aspects but rather than on how a person perceive his/her uniqueness in different sectors. Disabilities is not a hindrance for making our life meaningful, but it is a key factor for a more functional and fulfilling life to pursue.

Reyna Loreto Holly

5 thoughts on “Disability is not a Hindrance for Life’s Battles

  1. You are always so inspirational. I wish more people could comprehend your message.
    I pray they will given time.
    Please don’t stop.
    Be well. 😊💕

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  2. Your story is amazing,I first learned about you through a mutual friend. I too am a licensed occupational therapy assistant and my life changes too. I had two minor strokes. I have become disabled and I now battle depression due to damage from the stroke. I wish you all the best. If you ever wish to chat feel free to contact me

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    1. Hi Dinette! I am happy to know you that we are in the same profession. Just be positive all the time and indulge yourself in a things that value you most. I had been into depression too before but It never stop me to keep me pursuing to be stronger again. You can message me anytime if you need a friend to talk to.


  3. Hi Dinnete! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Keep on motivating yourself and uplift thyself in positive attitude. I battled depression also before but I learned to get through it. Hugs!


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