Questioning your Ability

Sometimes we are in doubt of our self ability until such point we have to used it. We are unique individuals and has its own capacity to handle such situation. We are not comparable to each other. Your strength could be my weakness or vice versa. But then if you don't managed to identify such [...]

Smile although you’re in pain

Despite of life's up and down, learn to smile. Don't live with disappointments, they will ruin your life. Never allow room for grudges in your heart, it is a disease of emotions. Replace hatred with laughter, it is a secret for life's fulfillment. Go and dream for the life you wanna be. We only live [...]

The power of prayer…

Yesterday marked my one year rebirth anniversary of my second life. The time just flew so fast that I'm already been in a year of survival since the incident. This is really awesome! It is because God allow me to serve and continue the mission He set before me. In between my challenges I met [...]

How important is our communication?

Talking, gesture, sign language, body language, writing, phone calls and social media are examples of communicating to others. What happened if you don't communicate? Unable to express your ideas, emotions, needs and wants You become frustrated, angry, disappointed and depressed Failure to connect to people Lose your great potential to know people Isolated to the [...]

Dedication and hard work leads to…

I am basically now on a freelancer mode. I am not working presently secondary to the impacted of my severe injury from last year. Guess what? Through my blogging site I was able to load down my anxiety, developed my confidence, strength and expressed my emotions and skills. I had doubt before, afraid of mistakes [...]