The value of animals

We are animal lovers! They are simply amazing, our God made them perfectly to be an awesome family pet. By nature they can be your friend and peers for increase interpersonal relationships. They relaxes your mind and body from the environmental stressors. We are blessed to have a real interaction with them through our genuinely [...]

Thought counts

My friend gave this nice gift to me recently. I love it! God utilize people to be an instrument in our life for not giving-up. Don’t ever think that your hurdles is heavier than anyone. No it’s not! Other people’s agony is more far than your could imagine. But still they keep on fighting until [...]

We are the pilot of ourselves….

Exercise patience, empathy, love and compassion then you will have positivity for a lifetime. You are the one who can make a difference in yourself. Therefore, go ahead and do the important things for you to be grateful. Don’t take it for granted, but you have to remember that only you are responsible of yourself.

Overused of Power

Power is one of the exercise position where people overuse it. They will do and influence their capabilities to the extent that harming and distressing someone is an aim. We recently been victimized of these overpowering issue. Even to the extent that humiliation and discrimination of disability accommodation have been displaced in our own property. [...]

Blessings come unexpectedly…,

Today we have been humiliated again regarding our dwelling place. We felt that we have been discriminated to a certain way....Where is the empathy and compassion of them? As we are doing our laundry in a 24 hour coin laundry, we unexpectedly met our friend we have known for a while. Guess what? Since they [...]

Empathy and compassion outcome

Whatever your profession or role in your daily endeavors and functions you have to evaluate yourself where you stand for. Ask yourself...Am I giving enough to whatever it takes? Am I doing the right thing because of how and what it feels in their own shoes? Or am I executed the tasks the fact that [...]